Living & Studying


Living & Studying At Dushu LakeEducation Town 

Higher Education At Dushu Lake Education Town 
Dushu Lake Education Town is the home of many fine institutions of higher learning and research such as:
GIST and the University of the West Indies(UWI) have created the UWI China Institute of Information Technology,
a regional software development platform to teach ICT skills across the Caribbean and the Americas.

Suzhou Centennial College,
Suzhou Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China, 
Suzhou Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University, 
Suzhou Graduate School of Nanjing University,
Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University,
International College of Renmin University of China, 
Suzhou Institute of Sichuan University, 
Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University and 
Soochow University. 

Now, following the commencement of the GIST SKEMA academic collaboration, Dushu Lake Education Town is also the home of SKEMA’s China Center.
WenXing Plaza Student Village 
WenXing Plaza is the center for student village life where all daily student needs including student accommodation may be found. There you can find banks and ATM machines, supermarkets, canteens, pharmacies, post office, fast food outlets, newspaper stands, hotels, etc. 

Places To Eat 
There is a student canteen on the 1st floor of Wenxing Plaza, and a food courtwith a selection of Chinese food eateries on the 2nd floor of Wenxing Plaza.There are also a number of restaurants, and fast food restaurants (McDonald andKFC), coffee houses close to MBA Hotel (walking distance).

MBA Corner & Classrooms 


The MBA Corner and the classrooms are onthe 2nd floor of the GEM building in Block A in SIP campus. Students will beissued an entrance card to enter the facilities on 2nd floor. The entrance cardcharge is RMB30 per card per student. If students lost their entrance card, areplaced card can be obtained from the Administrative Office at a cost ofRMB30.

Dushu Lake Library 
The beautiful Suzhou Dushu Lake Library is an integrated and modern digitallibrary. It has 1.5 million digital books, 600,000 traditional books, 30,000digital periodicals, 1 million research papers, and more than 10,000,000library indexes. Free WIFI is available on the second floor in the library. Toapply for library card, students should prepare: 

1. A valid passport

2. A one inch x one inch photo

3. Personal profile form (obtainable fromthe library front desk)

4. A refundable library card deposit ofRMB500

5. A non-refundable annual fee of RMB30. 

Dushu Lake Gym
The Gym has modern indoor facilities for basketball, badminton, 
billiards, table tennis, taekwondo, a fitness center, aerobics room, 
cycling, swimming pool, tennis courts, rock climbing, squash and 
chess facilities. 
It also has an outdoor stadium approximating 6,000 sq m for basketball, 
volleyball, tennis and badminton courts and soccer fields, etc. Please 
contact the Gym for further details – 62602324. 

Public Transport

Dushu Lake Education Town runs an efficient free bus service. The area isserviced by a good public bus transport system with buses on the 178, 146, 118,142, 218, 812, 228, 128, 16 and 110 routes. Bus fares vary from RMB 1 to RMB 5,depending on the type of bus and the distance. For detailed bus schedules,please see Appendix A.

Taxi service is popular in China. Students can easily find a taxi on thestreet, or call 67776777 for a taxi. For taxi usage, always go by meter. Thestarting rate is RMB10 for the first 3 KM, and RMB1.8 per KM for the next 2 KMand RMB2.7 per KM for the remaining distance.

Suzhou Bus Card 


Buy a Suzhou Bus Card. The refundabledeposit isRMB 40. Retain the deposit slip
if you want to reclaim the deposit when you leave. Without the slip, no refundis allowed.Then top up RMB 60 for starters. Keep the payment slip so that whenyou top up the next time, you will know how much you have used/travelled beforerefilling it.

Nearby supermarkets are located at Auchan, Century-Mart and Carrefour atLouFeng. Check out the free bus services schedule to Century-Mart andCarrefour.

more information click here:

Accommodation-Health & s/Safety-Money Matters


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